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Sewing Tools - Stitching in Colour

Sewing Tools

Confused about what the essential sewing tools are?

Sewing Machines - Stitching in Colour

Sewing Machines

Need help buying and using your sewing machine?

Fabric 101 - Stitching in Colour

Fabric 101

Did you know that fabric choice can make or break a sewing project?

Sewing Patterns - Stitching in Colour

Sewing Patterns

Confused about how to use a sewing pattern?

Basic Sewing Skills - Stitching in Colour

Basic Sewing Skills

Ready to learn the basic sewing skills every sewist needs to know?

Sew a Dress - Stitching in Colour

Sew a Dress

Want to sew your first dress step-by-step? Begin a 5-part MEGA series!

Sew Easy Tips - Stitching in Colour

Sew Easy Tips

Ready to make sewing even easier with these tips?

Completed Projects - Stitching in Colour

Completed Projects

Need sewing project inspiration?

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