Sew Easy Tip #8 ~ Are You making these 5 mistakes? – Part 1

This is Part 1 of a 2-part series on 10 sewing mistakes you might be making that are throwing up roadblocks to you unleashing your dressmaking superpowers.

So if you’re ready, see if you are committing any of the following five mistakes…

Mistake #1 ~ Not practicing new skills before using that skill in a project

Please don’t be wasteful. Don’t use your actual project to try a new skill — unless your goal is to waste your money and sacrifice your beautiful fabric to the waste pile of disappointment over there in the corner.

Mistake #2 ~ Not changing needle

Sewing machines will act the total ar$e if you try to sew with a dull needle. Always keep spare sewing machine needles in a variety of sizes on hand.

And strive for the ideal: New project, new needle.

Mistake #3 ~ Not using the right needle type and size

Yes, sewing machine needles so important that they get two spots on this short list.

A successful project depends on many things. And choosing the right needle type and size for the job is one of them.

Mistake #4 ~Not making sure seam allowances are accurate

You must sew accurate seam allowances when sewing garments — unless you enjoy that feeling of overwhelming disappointment you get when a garment doesn’t fit as you had dreamed.

Mistake #5 ~ Not pressing seams before joining

If you are to sew like a pro, you must press like a pro. Learning how to press during the construction process is a skill you must learn.

Pressing like a pro is a key factor in taking your handmade garments from looking sad and homemade to crisp and professional. FACT.

The End

If you are guilty of committing any of these five mistakes, then correcting them is five steps in the right direction…

taking your sewing skills from obviously homemade to this looks as good or better than ready-to-wear (RTW).

And isn’t that the ultimate goal?!

Sew guilt-free.

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And remember…

Life is the ultimate red carpet event. Dress for it.