I get you.

You love The. Dress.

You want to creatively express your style in your own unique way.

Maybe you find it difficult to find the clothing that reveals your inner vision of yourself in Ready to Wear (RTW). Can I get an amen?!

Maybe you love the look of garments from yesteryear (the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s are calling me loudly).

Maybe you are a perfectionist who wants to wear quality garments.

If you said, “Yes” to one or all of the above, then, we are kindred dreamers.

But there’s a hitch…

You want to learn how to sew, BUT…

  • you’re afraid you won’t be good enough (stinking lie);
  • too old (damn, damn lie); and/or
  • you just don’t know where to begin (well, today is your lucky day).

OK, enough about you for just a minute…


Hey, you!

My name is Janine (pronounced Jan-een). And I’m pretty sure that I came out of my mum’s tummy in love with The. Dress.

I can still remember the very first dress I had custom made.

Are you ready to hear what it was?!

It was the cutest dress with cutaway shoulders that skimmed over my curves in a white leopard print silkie (that is, polyester posing as silk).

And I proudly wore that dress with yellow pantyhose. (Don’t judge! It was the 80’s!)


Truth is, I have always longed to be creative and to know how to sew the stuff of my dreams!

But I lacked the confidence to follow through.

Sadly, it wasn’t until I was diagnosed with a brain tumor that I decided life was too short to make choices based on a lack of confidence or resources.

So I dusted off the cobwebs from my old desire and my old Janome 415 sewing machine. And I immersed myself in everything sewing-related.

And in the process I learned something truly amazing:

When I was in the flow of sewing, I could totally forget that I had a chronic illness and the uncomfortable ugliness of it all.

Today, I am truly, madly, and deeply in love with the art of sewing! I guess you could say sewing saved my life. And if that is too dramatic, then you could say sewing gave me back my life.

Back to You

So I got to thinking what if sewing could save you or you or you. And what if all you needed is the concise resource I desperately wished I had when I decided to learn how to sew.

While I have sewed more than my share of little girl’s dresses (so much fun and so satisfying!), it is time to sew for big “girls” like you and me. “Girls” — women — whose bodies have confounding hills and valleys.

About - Stitching in Colour

Stitching in Colour is my journey to becoming a master dressmaker for the fully grown woman…

It’s All About You and It’s Alive!

This site will be a living resource for all things related to the art of dress construction for the fully grown woman.

As I grow and learn, the content will be updated to reflect my new knowledge and skills, which is most excellent news for you. Because here’s what I want for you…

  • I want to inspire you to share in my love of sewing–and flaunting–insanely pretty dresses.
  • I want to help you go from dreaming to sewing to flaunting in record time without all the angst I’ve endured. Every tip and technique you find here will be triple-tested by me.
  • And I want you to really enjoy yourself on this journey of mastery, rather than feel frustrated and lost.

So move your sewing machine right next to mine. And let’s get busy revealing our dressmaking superpowers?!

The Promise

If you say yes, somewhere along the way, you will be flaunting an insanely pretty dress that you made with your own two skilled hands. And you will be so proud of yourself.

About - Stitching in Colour

In fact, you may even find yourself spontaneously doing a shameless “happy seamstress” dance!

And remember this tweetable quote:

Life is the ultimate red carpet event. Dress for it!