Chunking the Sewing Process

In this article, you will learn how to chunk up the sewing process over a week to protect you body, your enjoyment of the sewing process; and your sanity. You will also learn how to fit sewing into even the busiest day!

The sewing process begins before you get to the cutting table. It begins with an idea of how you want to look and how you want to feel.

And after you’ve been inspired to create something, it’s time to jump into planning and doing so that you can bring your dream to life.

Now, you can approach the sewing process in one of three ways:

  • You could use the fast-food method, which is like speeding through a Mickey D’s drive-thru for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; or
  • You can slow down, take a deep breath in and exhale slowly, and use what I call the Ritz Carlton method, which is akin to taking small bites of yummy, delicate tea sandwiches and sipping a steaming cup of Earl Grey tea on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

It’s up to you, but…

I whole-heartedly recommend the latter, or at the very least, a middle ground between the two.

By breaking up the sewing process, I guarantee you are less likely to feel overwhelmed and sewing will be more pleasurable.

For example, you could do it this way…

Day 1 ~ Getting Started

Today, you could check off the following:

As you complete the above tasks, stay relaxed — and keep visualizing yourself sewing your insanely pretty dress without incident.

When you’re done with the above, stop. Because tomorrow is another day!

Day 2 ~ Fit Your Sewing Pattern

Today, you can focus on the sewing pattern:

  • Cut out the required tissue pattern pieces;
  • Press them with a warm, DRY iron; and
  • Make any necessary fit adjustments to the shoulder slope, critical body lengths, dart placement, and widths.

And if you feel up to it, you can even go ahead and sew up a quick muslin of just the front and back pieces.

For a dress, sewing just the main front and back pieces means sewing the shoulder seams and the side seams to check any adjustments you’ve made. Easy.

Now, rest up. You’ve earned it.

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Day 3 ~ Over at the Cutting Table

Today, it’s time to make some commitments:

Whew! Go rest up until tomorrow.

Day 4 ~ Let’s Sew a Dress!

Okay! Today, the fun really begins!

It’s time to get busy sewing your insanely pretty dress. Depending on the complexity of the dress, feel free to break up the actual sewing of the dress in whatever way works for you.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and your dress doesn’t have to be sewn in one either!

But always leave hemming for the next day. Just let your dress hang overnight!

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Day 5 ~ Slide into Finish

You’re almost done!

It’s now time to hem your dress, trim any wayward threads, and add any needed finishing touches, such as a hook & eye.

Day 6 ~ Flaunt it!

Hey, you! You did it!

Girl, step onto the red carpet of your life and flaunt your handmade dress!

The End

Sewing is our hobby. It is something we love to do. For many of us, it is what we do to soothe our fractured souls.

If you truly want, you can find 15 minutes here and another 15 minutes there most days of the week to dedicate to the care and feeding of your soul. Done every day, these minutes will add up and allow you to sew your way to a finished dress!

FACT: Life is busy with all sorts of “urgent” and “important” matters. But you can choose not to let busyness keep you from spending quality time with your sewing machine.

Chunking the Sewing Process

And if a sewing session stops being fun or you’re so tired you find yourself nodding off between stitches, it is time to turn off the power to your sewing machine, give your machine a loving caress, and then cover her up. Because tomorrow is another day and a second chance.

Finally, if a project is making you feel like you’ve entered purgatory, ditch it!

Life is too short and too ridiculous in a million other ways to deliberately choose to continue slaving over a sewing project from hell.

Just assess why this project “failed,” extract a lesson if you can, and move on.

And remember…

Life is the ultimate red carpet event. Dress for it!

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