How to Sew Concave & Convex Curves

In this article, you will learn the difference between concave and convex curves and how to sew curves smoothly and accurately in three easy steps!

Frankly, curves can be a little tricky in the beginning.

But have no fear, if you stick with me, you’ll be stitching curves like a pro in no time at all!

So if you’re ready to learn about curves, then let’s do this and begin with…

The Rules

Rule #1: Slow. Down.

Rule #2: Slow. Down.

That’s it for the rules!

Now, that you know the rules, let’s learn about the…

Two Types of Curves

There are two types of curves you’ll need to know how to maneuver: (1) Convex and (2) Concave.

Convex Curves

This is an example of a convex curve or an outward curve on a sleeve…

How to Sew Curves - Let's Practice

Other examples of convex curves are the shape of a princess seam or a curved patch pocket.

Concave Curves

And here are two examples of concave curves, or an inward curve: the shape of a scoop neckline and an armhole…

How to Sew Curves - Let's Practice

If you’ve inhaled, exhaled, and are ready to take your time, then let’s sew some curves…

How to Sew Curves Easily: 3 Tips

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How to Sew Curves - Let's Practice

Step 1: Start by marking the stitching lines of your curves with your favorite marking tool. Taking the time to do this will make all the difference in sewing curves accurately!

Step 2: When driving, you’re always advised to take the curves slowly. Well, it is the same with sewing curves, slow down. And you will find that sewing curves are easier.

Step 3: As you come to the deepest part of a curve, you will most likely have to stop as you approach the deepest part of the curve; lift your presser foot, and readjust your fabric. Make sure you STOP with the needle DOWN before you lift the presser foot!

How to Sew Curves - Let's Practice
Time for a minor re-adjust.

In the image above, if you look closely, you can see that if you were to continue stitching, you will verve off to the left. It is at this point that you would (1) STOP with your needle DOWN and readjust.

Now, that wasn’t so bad?!

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Sewing curves may be challenging at first. But with practice, you will be the boss of curves in no time at all!

And remember…

Life is the ultimate red carpet event. Dress for it!