Sew Easy Tip #6 ~ Pattern Prices

In this article, you will learn why patience pays when it comes to buying commercial sewing patterns and save big on outrageous commercial pattern prices.

Psst! The regular retail price of commercial sewing patterns can be pricey!

And while I respect and admire the work of pattern drafters, I don’t want to pay premium prices for patterns if I don’t have to.

One of the main reasons to try and save money on patterns when you can is that unlike a ready-to-wear garment in a store, you can’t try it on and then leave it if it makes you look puffier than the Michelin man.

That is, when you buy a pattern it’s a commitment. A commitment to an untested style that may not be to your liking. It happens.


Some sewing patterns are drafted better than other. It is possible to buy a pattern that is so messy that it had to be drafted by a pattern drafter high on edible gummies!

Check out the image below. That Vogue pattern retails for $22.50!

Dress Silhouettes - Completed Projects

Yikes, $22.50 for a simple sway dress.

Sew Easy Tip #6 - Pattern Prices

And as far as Vogue goes, this is one of their more “affordable” sewing patterns.

But guess what?!

I waited for a sale at my local Joann store and got it for a mere $5.99.

And the good news is that Butterick, McCalls, and Simplicity can be had for even less, usually around $1.99. Yep, that is just a smidgen of the regular retail price.

As for New Look patterns, I’ve never seen this line on sale, but they are usually just around $3.99, which isn’t too bad.

And Burda patterns rarely go on sale. But when they have, I’ve been able to purchase them for just $2.49.

The End

Frankly, I hardly ever buy ready-to-wear clothing at the original retail price. Because I don’t believe in throwing away my hard earned money for anything!

And I suggest that you…

Don’t buy sewing patterns at regular price either. Just don’t!

Instead, wait…

In the USA, patterns regularly go on sale at local craft and hobby shops like Joann and Hobby Lobby. (You can also check the pattern sites for sales too!)

So hold out for a sale, and then you can take the money you save and buy some beautiful fabric instead!

Call-to-action: In the comments section, share with us how pattern prices are in your part of the world.

And remember…

Life is the ultimate red carpet event! Dress for it!