Sew Easy Tip #4 ~ Get Rid of this Ouch!

In this article, you will learn a way to track your straight pins and avoid ouch, ouch, ouch!

If you sew, you will probably use straight pins.

And if there is one thing you need to know about straight pins, it is this:

They just love to gravitate to the floor regardless how careful you are!

But I’ve got a brilliant tip that will help you, your family, and pets avoid the potential “ouch” if your straight pins decide to go for a “stroll.”

Instead of piling straight pins on your pincushions without planning, decide on a specific number — I like 13 per pincushion — and place that many pins on your pincushion.

I also like to keep no more than two varieties of straight pins per pincushion. In the image below, I have 13 ballpoint straight pins and 13 glass-head straight pins on this magnetic pincushion.

Sew Easy Tip #4 - Ouch!

The beauty of this tip is that once you’ve decided to take a break from sewing, you can count how many pins are actually on your pincushion. For example, if your pincushions are home to just 12 straight pins, but at the end of your sewing session, there are only 11. Then, you know that one pin has gone for a “stroll.”

Now, you can get down on all fours and hunt for it. Or, you can vacuum your sewing area — you will most likely hear when the vacuum sucks up that missing pin.

And just like that you can rest assured that your feet and the feet of all those you love are safe from this “ouch.”

Simple, right?!

The End

Yes, limit how many straight pins reside on your pincushions at any one time, and your feet and the feet of those you love will thank you!

Anyhoo, remember that…

Life is the ultimate red carpet event.  Dress for it!

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