Vogue 9237 – Polyester Crepe – Animal Print

In this article we will assess Vogue 9237 in this lovely animal print polyester crepe.

First, you should know that my name is Janine (Jan-neen) and, with the exception of snake and alligator, I go mad for animal print!

Here’s the good, the bad, the pretty, and the ugly about this project…

Dress silhouette? I am a sway dress. Please don’t call me a tent dress. No woman wants to wear a tent!

Fabric? Polyester crepe in a luscious animal print

Fabric prep? I pre-washed.

Supporting fabric? None.

Notions? Custom made bias tape and hook & eye

Sew a Dress - Vogue 9237 - Crepe - Animal Print
Hooks on the left and eyes on the right.

Layout? Standard Lengthwise Fold

Needle? 80/12

Presser foot? All-purpose zigzag

Stitch length? 2.5mm

Seam finish(es)? Stitched + Pink and French seams

Hem finish? Narrow

Pressing tools? Heavy ar$e iron, ironing board, pressing cloth

Closure? Hook & Eye

Ease of pattern instructions? Super easy, but I deviated. Click HERE to learn more about that!

Likes? What’s not to love about a sway dress! This pattern is so simple. The sleeveless version consists of just four pattern pieces if you include the pocket.

Dislikes? Thread loops? I think not!

Did it look as pictured? In this drapey crepe, it looks like a dream on and even dreamier to wear.

Sew again? Oh, yes! Just you wait and see!

Lessons learned?

  • I did NOT topstitch the keyhole opening. But I should have with this drapey fabric. I don’t like how it flops about!
  • I think this is a mid-weight crepe. It was my first time sewing with crepe. It was easy to sew, even easier to wear, and doesn’t wrinkle excessively.
  • True confession: Crepe is a new favorite fabric of mine. I just love how it drapes around my curves.

Health tip: Eat REAL food — you know what that is! Mostly of the plant variety. And keep the portion sizes reasonable!

Style tip: Only wear clothes that spark joy in you and make you happy!

And remember…

Life is the ultimate red carpet event. Dress for it!

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