Vogue 9237 – Polyester Crepe – Polka Dots

In this article we will assess Vogue 9237 in this lovely polka dot polyester crepe.

I can’t be the only one who goes dotty over polka dots. I absolutely love baby dots, medium size dots, large dots, and even super large dots!

I think there is something elegant and at the same time super fun about wearing dots.

So here’s the good, the bad, the pretty, and the ugly about this project…

Dress silhouette? I am a sway dress. Please don’t call me a tent dress. Grown women do not wear tents!

Fabric? Polyester crepe in a polka dot print

Fabric prep? I pre-washed as always.

Supporting fabric? None.

Notions? Custom made bias tape and hook & eye

Sew a Dress - Vogue 9237 - Crepe - Animal Print
Hooks on the left and eyes on the right.

Layout? Standard Lengthwise Fold

Needle? 80/12

Presser foot? All-purpose zigzag

Stitch length? 2.5mm

Seam finish(es)? Stitched + Pink and French seams

Hem finish? Narrow

Pressing tools? Heavy ar$e iron, ironing board, pressing cloth

Closure? Hook & Eye

Ease of pattern instructions? Super easy, but I deviated. Click HERE to learn more about that!

Likes? I just adore a sway dress! This pattern is so simple. The sleeveless version consists of just four pattern pieces if you include the pocket.

Dislikes? Thread loops? Nope!

So cute with a button. I used a ponytail elastic to make the loop!

Did it look as pictured? In this drapey crepe, it looks like a dream on and even dreamier to wear. My mum gasped when I first modeled it for her!

Sew again? Oh, yes! I have sewed this dress at least four other times. This time I changed the design.

I shorten the FRONT (#1) pattern piece, so it was the same length as the BACK (#4) at the side seams and center front (CF).

Then, I cut the RUFFLE (#2) on the fold twice — one length for the back of the garment and one for the front.

Ruffle at the back AND at the front!

I am ecstatic with how it turned out! Now, the dress has double the flirt factor!

Lessons learned?

  • I think this is a lightweight crepe. It was only my second time sewing with crepe. Do NOT assume that all crepes are the same. This crepe is flimsier than the crepe I sewed HERE!
  • Still, it was easy to sew, even easier to wear. BUT this crepe wrinkles like crazy when laundered in a washing machine, while the crepe I sewed HERE does not! Go figure…
  • I did NOT topstitch the keyhole opening. But I should have with this flimsy, drapey fabric. It is just too floppy!
  • I think this fabric would have been better served if I had used a clean finish at the center back (CB), rather than stitched + pinked.
  • Maybe I could have also interfaced the seam allowances at CB for greater stability.
  • True confession: With all the flaws, I still absolutely adore this dress! I love how it feels on. I love how it drapes. I love how elegant I feel in polka dots. But I am not happy with how the fabric is pilling after just one season.
Zoom in on the shoulder area and check out the fugly pilling. UGH!

It is one thing to buy disposable clothing (I don’t!), but I am not interested in wasting my time or money sewing them! I need to make sure I buy best quality fabric going forward!

Health tip: Our planet home is about 60 to 70% water and so is the human body. So drink a tall glass of water as soon as you wake up. Spike it with a squeeze of lemon juice if that helps you get it down.

Style tip: Did you know that most of us only wear 20% of the clothing that we have jammed into our closets?! Hey, why not consider, letting go of what you don’t wear, what no longer sparks joy — and make breathing room for a handmade wardrobe that you love?!

And remember…

Life is the ultimate red carpet event. Dress for it!

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