Why We Must Create

I write of simplicity in a world that’s needlessly complicated. ~ Leo B. of Zen Habits

I came across the words above and it got me thinking…

Although I’ve spent some decades on this Earth, I realized that there is so much I don’t know.

But one thing I do know for sure is this…

Whatever good it is you create, our world today is famished more than ever for more of us to take up the grail and become creators of love, of beauty, of good, of peaceful expression, of baked goods, of song, of movement, of sewing…

To my mind, a creator is anyone who expresses their inner world outwardly in some way:

  • Maybe you pull a word from here and another from over there to create prose or poems that sing to the souls of others.
  • Or maybe, you paint or photograph visual orgasms.
  • Or maybe, you compose music that soothes, connects, or transports.
  • Or maybe, you play an instrument or dance as a way to embrace life.
  • Or maybe, you bake sweet confections to share and build a bridge between you and a stranger.
  • Or maybe, [you name it]…

In 2019, my word for the year is: GROWTH.

I want to continue to grow in honesty.

I want to grow my integrity.

I want to grow my physical strength.

I want to grow this site and connect with other creators through this site.

I want to grow my sewing skills.

I want to grow my creativity “muscle.”

I want to grow…

I would love it if you would come along on this journey in 2019.

Stop, pause, and ask yourself: How can I grow? What do I yearn to create?

The End

A GROWTH mindset is where I am today.

Be kind enough to leave a comment below and share what and why you create (or grow).

And if you haven’t yet begun to create, share why not, and then, be brave and share something you yearn to express outwardly.

Talk to me! And let’s GROW together.

And remember…

Life is the ultimate red carpet event! Dress for it!